Bristol Fourth of July
Bristol, Vermont

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Road Race (Results Below)

The Bristol 4th of July Committee is excited to announce the latest addition to our festivities. With the help of a couple of local race enthusiasts, the Annual 5k Road Race was born. The race will kick off at 7:30am at Mount Abraham Union High School and will snake through the streets of our town. The race will end at "the Green" in the center of town. A map of the race can be found here.

If you would like to participate in the race please fill out a registration form online entry form. Feel free to e-mail us.

The following is also written description of the race route:

  • Bristol 4th of July 5K Road Race
  • Starts at Mt. Abraham Union High School
  • Run out Airport Drive and turn left on West St.
  • Take left on Liberty St.
  • Run to Pleasant and take right
  • Run to end of Pleasant St. (approx. 1 mile) to top of Spring St.
  • Take left on Mountain St.
  • Follow Mountain St. to end as it turns to Devino Ln.
  • Continue on Devino to North St., take left back toward town
  • Take first right onto Pine St.
  • Follow Pine to Liberty, take left on Liberty
  • Run back to West St., take left on West toward center of village
  • West St. to School St.
  • Left on School St. to Finsh Line!
  • 3.2 miles

  • RESULTS: 2018 Pam Paradee Memorial Bristol 4th of July 5K Road Race

    Thanks, everyone for participating in this years 5K. The energy, community spirit, and camaraderie on display were exactly what Pam envisioned when she started this race a dozen years ago. It was so great to see so many people out despite the record heat wave we have endured. Thank you.

    So, here are the times from my paper. THEY ARE WRONG!!!! When I said "go" the timer was not set quite right and did not start (my fault). I quickly reset it but it took about 20-30 seconds at least.

    Morgan finished first and he had his time at 16:28. So if you all add 30 seconds to your time you are probably pretty close (give or take a couple seconds). I apologize for that mistake.

    We raised just shy of $1000! A portion of those funds will be donated to the Bristol 4th of July and the rest will be given out ove the course of the year to people in our 5 Towns who are in need.

    Thank you so much for your continued support of this event.


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